GTABS Completing Ft. Stewart Army Base Crossing Approaches Extension And Pedestrian Gate Installation Projects to Improve Driver and Pedestrian Safety

ATLANTA, Ga – May 1, 2023 – As the cargo trains running through Fort Stewart Army Base (Fort Stewart, GA) have now increased their maximum speed to 30mph, the safety of the drivers and pedestrians in and around the military base is increasingly paramount.  GTABS won the contract to extend and expand the crossing approaches for each of the three crossings and the company has successfully completed this initial extension project phase. 

The robust train traffic to and from the base transports essential cargo ranging from military equipment to tanks to and from neighboring airports and seaports. 

GTABS, Inc. is currently executing the second phase of the project – installing pedestrian gates along the sidewalks to prevent pedestrians from walking from the sidewalk onto the train tracks. 

“Erecting physical barriers for pedestrians near the train tracks is extremely consequential for the safety of those walking in the area,” says GTABS’ CEO W. Jerome Hall. “At a time when many pedestrians are distracted by their digital devices, installing gates can literally be a lifesaver. Fort Stewart is small laid-back town in Middle Georgia full of good people. I take exceptional pride in working on a project that will directly protect its citizens.”

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